SEC Championship 2015

College Football Power Ranking

These are the teams you don't want to play

image The PredictCFB College Football Power Rating is an attempt to measure the absolute strength of a football team's potential to perform well in high profile football games against quality opponents. The algorithm rewards teams who win or are in the game in the 4th quarter against quality opponents. Using detailed game data from the last four years as well as historical tradition a machine learning engine predicts a teams relative strength. It does not attempt to predict who will go to the playoffs, nor who will win a conference championship. It is a measure of overall toughness.

Game Outcome Prediction

Determining who is going to win and by how much

image Using the power ranking and game data from the last six years a deep learning neural network predicts results for each game. Both the game winner and margin of victory are estimated. The result is the max peak in the margin probability distribution as opposed to the median.